120 Channel Ethernet Switchbox
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120 Channel Ethernet Switchbox

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Amphenol’s Rugged 120 Channel Ethernet Switch Box provides an unmatched level of flexibility to meet any system requirement. The switch box is a 120 port standalone Ethernet Switch box that is configurable for system connectivity, speeds, port types, and interoperation with various high-speed media converters and connectors for system interfacing.


Each port is capable of 10G Ethernet – some ports can either be configured as 10G-Base-T (also supporting 100-Base-T and 1G-Base-T) or 10G-Base-SR and 1G-Base-SX. The switching throughput is up to 1.2 Tbps when using all 120 ports on the switch box. In addition, the switch is non-blocking and low-latency for high-throughput architectures and applications. In Amphenol’s state of the art Spirent communications testing center, the switch box is tested aggressively at line rates to RFC 2889 for switching and RFC 2544 for L2/L3 performance, latency, packet forwarding, and other key items.


The switch is manufactured using Amphenol’s MIL Qualified MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors. These connectors contain standard AS39029 qualified Size 22D contacts, Octonet contacts and 48F MT Ferrule Fiber Optic contact assemblies. Amphenol’s Octonet Contacts are a proven design used in a variety of Military Programs. The Octonet is a Size 8 contact housing (4) differential pair contacts. It is a 100 Ohm impedance, capable of a data rate of 4 Gbps maximum per contact pair. The contact system has been tested and passed all the Qualification Requirements of AS39029 contact.


Our 48F MT Ferrule Fiber Optic Contacts are industry standard, very high density plastic ferrules available in either 12-fiber, 24-fiber versions, 48 pin, in multi-mode PC, single mode PC, or single mode APC configurations.



  • 96 ports of 10GBASE-SR (Can also be configured for 1GBase-SX)
  • 24 ports of 100/1G/10GBase-T - auto negotiation
  • Supports Ethernet multicast, IP multicast, IGMP, SNMP, and many other management options
  • Host management processor
  • Chassis with 38999 series III high performance and density connectors
  • 10 LED indicators reporting all internal power supply voltage levels
  • MIL-STD-704 28V DC power supply interface
  • 50ms power holdup
  • Embedded elapsed time indicator
  • Circuit breaker for incoming power
  • Self-encapsulated mounting screws



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Technical Documents: 120 Channel Ethernet Switchbox

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