CTF 4G-2
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This Amphenol connector will transform your high speed needs to a new level. We have taken two technologies and combined them into a hybrid connector. Now you can transfer high speed data seemlessly from copper to Rhino-5-72dpifiber and from fiber to copper.


  • No need for internal subsystem fiber harnesses, interconnect, or transceivers
  • Utilizes copper transceivers and existing interconnect (backplane, harnessing, faceplate) for system fiber connection
  • Media conversion at the connector reduces system complexity and cost
  • APH Epoxy staking protects delicate fiber components for environment and assembly process


  • Connector + dog house
  • 13 shell size + flex copper assembly; other shell sizes available
  • PC tails available


  • Jamnut or flange mount
  • Shell size 13 38999; options for EPX/ARINC 400/600
  • MS29504 system fiber interface; options for expanded beam/ARINC 801/MT
  • 2X bi-directional interfaces
  • Speeds of 1G, 2G, 4G, 10Gbps
  • Interface support for 1/2/4/8G FC and 1/10GbE; option for DVI, SFDP


  • 2X high speed channels on 6.5 Gbps capable split pair quadrax PC tails or flex assembly
  • Interfaces for power, diagnostics, and others


  • Full ruggedization for environmentals and EMI/EMP
  • Interfaces for power, diagnostics, and more

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Jared Sibrava



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Technical Documents: CTF-4G-2

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