D38999 Connector Series

38999 circle optionsAmphenol Aerospace is the D38999 connector industry leader and has the broadest, most expansive D38999 connector portfolio in the world. From legacy Series II connectors to the latest in high-speed solutions, Amphenol Aerospace offers a wide variety of options for virtually any system.

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Dualok-Mated-Pair-Clip Dualok Interconnect System: An enhanced anti-decoupling mechanism applied to D38999 plugs that improves electrical performance in harsh environments.
HD38999-unmated PC-tails HD38999 High Density: 30% more contact density than the highest density Mil-Spec D38999 connectors of its size.
38999 III single MIL-DTL-38999 TV, Series III: Amphenol's D38999 Series III connectors offer the highest performance capabilities for both general duty and severe environment applications.
 JT-single MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II Developed to meet the needs of the aerospace industry and proved the impetus for the development of MIL-DTL-38999
SJT single SJT: Combine unique design features of the scoop-proof LJT series within standard mounting dimensions of JT types.
 accessories Accessories: A full range of accessories that are designed to enhance the performance of Amphenol D38999 connectors.
Aquacon-hermetic-sq-flange-recep-clip Aquacon Series: Designed to provide maximum service in oceanic or fluid immersion applications.
hermetic-JT About Hermetic/Epoxy Sealed Connectors: Glass-sealed or epoxy-sealed connectors are available in a wide variety of Mil-Spec and custom configurations.
38999 pcb composite Circular Connectors for Printed Circuit Board Applications: Connectors with PC tail contacts for printed circuit board applications are available with either rigid attachments or flex printed assembly attachments.