MOV Transient Protection

MOVlThe Amphenol ® MOV Connector offers the versatility of a stan­dard connector, with transient protection for sensitive circuits. Transients in electrical circuits caused by a sudden release of stored energy can originate within or outside of the circuit and may be repeatable or random.
Regardless of frequency or origin, transient caused failures generated by load switching, lightning, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) can destroy unpro­tected IC components.
Compatible with present filter connector assembly procedures, MOVs can be combined with existing filters. Internal housing of the MOV offers weight and space savings over other pro­tection methods available today, and eliminates costly and bulky exterior suppression mechanisms in appropriate situations. MOVs are presently available in contact sizes 22, 20 and 16.
Transient protection can be provided in receptacle, plug or adapter configuration. These connectors are intermateable and intermountable with the following MIL-Specs: