Filter and Hermetic Interconnects

filter 2 week EMI/EMP Filter Protection Connectors: Amphenol Aerospace provides a wide range of filtering solutions. You can select your options for your particular interference threats- VHF, UHF, MF1, HF or other filter ranges, then couple with a connector package of your choice. We carry adapters, filter plugs, Diode, MOV, ESA (Energy Shunting Assembly), ESD, High Speed and more.
hermetic-26482-w-coax Hermetic/Epoxy Sealed Connectors: Amphenol Aerospace glass sealed hermetic connectors are available in a wide variety of MIL-Spec and custom configurations. Amphenol's line of epoxy sealed connectors are a light-weight alternative to glass sealed hermetic connectors for use in avionics and other weight-sensitive applications where a high level of sealing is required.