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OCS Oval Contact System

OCS-1The OCS (Oval Contact System) is the newest D38999 interconnect product offering from Amphenol High Speed Solutions, it provides many advantages for high speed data transmission.


  • High Density: A wide variety of insert arrangements are available
  • Patterns range from 1 to 21, 100 Ohm differential pairs capable of delivering data transfer speeds of 10Gbps per pair
  • MIL-DTL-38999 shell styles available from size 9 to 25
  • Front release rear removable contact system for easy repair
  • Solder or PCB tail contacts available
  • Meets environmental requirements of MIL-DTL-38999
  • Uses off-the-shelf Mil Spec Backshells 

ocs redux contacts unmated.42-clip


  • Mating Cycles 500 (min.)
  • Operating temperature –65C to 175C
  • Contact materials and platings consistent w/AS39029


  • Data rate: 10Gbps per pair
  • Insertion loss: <0.3 dB up to 5 GHz
  • Return loss: >20 dB up to 5 GHz
  • NEXT and FEXT: >40 dB up to 5 GHz
  • Differential to common mode conversion:>50 dB up to 5 GHz

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