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Amphenol introduces its first rugged multi-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI fiber optic media converters. These new converters can be used in harsh environment avionics, ground systems, or naval applications that need to transmit and receive SD/HD/3G-SDI signals over fiber optic cables.


  • Converts SDI fiber signals to 75ohm 3G/HD/SD-SDI rugged BNC connectors
  • Fiber inputs are made for 9/125 micron single mode fiber with 1310nm wavelengths
  • Input power is brought in over separate MIL-DTL-38999 connector and is compatible with 28VDC
  • -40C to +85C operating temperatures and meant for military/commercial aerospace environments
  • Variants for multi-mode 850nm 50/125 and 62.5/125 support are also available


  • Converts SDI copper signals to fiber optics on a MIL-DTL-38999 connector
  • Fiber outputs are made for 9/125 micron single mode fiber with 1310nm wavelengths
  • Input power is brought via Samtec QSE and is 3.3VDC
  • Copper, SDI and control signals come to the sub-system via Samtec QSE connector
  • -40C to +85C operating temperatures and meant for military/commercial aerospace environments
  • Variants for multi-mode 850nm 50/125 and 62.5/125 support are also available


Stand-alone dual channel fiber protocol converter good for 1G and 10G Ethernet. This product converts two channels of 1G or 10G-Base-T copper Ethernet to fiber optic protocols. In the 1G-Base-T protocol, the corresponding fiber protocol is 1G-Base-SX. In the 10G-Base-T protocol, the corresponding fiber protocol is 10G-Base-SR. The product auto-negotiates the fastest speed on the copper side of the interface and then sets the fiber speed. In addition to the functionality, the part comes as a stand-alone item to add to a platform with a 28VDC input power connector.


  • Copper protocols are auto-negotiated and can be 1G-Base-T or 10G-Base-T compliant to IEEE 802.3an standards
  • Fiber protocols can be 1G-Base-SX and 10G-Base-SR compliant to industry standards.
  • Fiber optic output power is -3dBm minimum
  • Power supply is 28V; 5 Watts max
  • Stand-alone adapter for integrating systems
  • Expandable from 1G to 10G speeds
  • Conduction cooled and -40C-+85C temperatures


  • Harsh environment avionics
  • Ground systems
  • Naval applications
  • Sensor systems

CTF-Quadrax Based Media Converter Solutions

CTF-Quadrax technology is the embedding of a transmit or recieve optical sub-assembly into a Quadrax contact. Quadrax is a size 8 keyed contact with 4 or 8 pins used in high speed copper signaling applications. The embedding of a TOSA/TOSA into this component provides the ability to utilize a Quadrax connector for media converter applications. ROSA/TOSA components are available in all major fiber protocols to include 850nm multi-mode, 1300nm multi-mode (typically used in 100-Base-FX applications), 1310nm single mode, and other varieties for support of a plethora of interfaces customers are utilizing in platforms and systems.

Radiation Tolerant Media Converter

New platforms and system upgrades are most likely required to endure a nuclear even or radiation from space and or high altitude. Our CTF-QUAD integrated products for 850nm and 1300nm multi-mode optics are completely tested along with the electronics for use in these systems. Any customers involved in high altitude platforms, space applications, or any application involved in warfare should take notice and be targets for our qualified technology. Along with qualification data in vibration, temperature, shock, and others, HSS had compelling value proposition for media conversion, high speed copper, and fiber optic product line.


  • CTF-Quad electronics and optical sub assemblies were tested in the radiation environment
  • Optical sub assemblies and electronics for 850nm multi-mode optics for up to 4.25Gbps signaling
  • Optical sub assemblies and electronics for 1300nm (LED) multi-mode optics for speeds from 1 to 150Mbps

Rugged Multi-Channel RS-422

RS-422Amphenol High Speed Solutions is pleased to introduce a new multi-channel RS-422 data concentrator and extender. This is a stand-alone unit with 13-32VDC power interface to the system. Its 6X bi-directional channels of RS-422 are electro-optically isolated from system interfaces and concentrated onto a single channel of 850nm multi-mode fiber optics at 1Gbps. Two units can be connected for seamless plug and play extension of the RS-422 interfaces. A separate RS-422 interface from the unit gives built-in-test and diagnostics information.



  • MIL-DTL-38999 with power and RS-422 interfaces (all copper)

  • Rugged and stand-alone unit for plug and play system solution
  • Fiber MIL-DTL-38999 for concentrated RS-422 interfaces onto 850nm milti mode fiber (unit is easily configured for single mode if needed)

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