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Amphenol's Engineering Edge

Amphenol Backplane Systems tackles problems such as PWB routing, signal integrity, mechanical robustness, and reliability concurrently rather than independently by value-added applications engineering support. Solving complex packaging challenges depends on making sure that environmental, mechanical, and electricals factors are all addressed at the systems-level. By taking this systems-level perspective and focusing on these factors, ABS is able to meet your program's most challenging packaging requirements. We are an extension of your design team, providing expert design and applicatiions engineering assistance at every step of the way to ensure program success. This is a perspective that connector vendors and other backplane assembly suppliers simply cannot match.

ABS will evaluate your backplane design for manufacturability and cost-efficiency, frequently suggesting enhancements in order to meet or exceed your requirements for performance, cost and reliability. Our expertise is used to optimize your design prior to production.

Why Do Business With Us?

  • Our customer support means customer satisfaction.
    • We take pride in partnering with our customers to deliver a quality product, on time and in response to your program requirements. Our account management team is focused on your requirements to ensure your satisfaction. Our application engineers provide support throughout the process from design and product development to manufacturability. And, our worldwide sales coverage is structured and positioned for customer intimacy.

  • Our investment in technology means more than equipment.
    • Only Amphenol Backplane Systems combines a wide range of innovative product and process technologies, advanced component manufacturing, and process control with highly focused, customer specific program management and testing at the assembly level. In addition, we provide expert design and applications engineering assistance at every step of the way.
      ABS production capabilities are the result of Amphenol's significant investment in new state-of-the-art equipment and software including press-fit installation, through-hole soldering, aqueous cleaning, conformal coat, and electrical test. ABS mil-spec qualifications include MIL-C-28859 (for components) and MIL-A-28870 (for assembled backplanes). Coupled with this is our process control focus. Our process engineers work to ensure that we are manufacturing product to your exact requirements to ensure conformance the first time and every time.

  • The one-stop solution for interconnects and backplane systems.
    • Amphenol provides printed circuit processing capabilities that are among the world's most advanced, specializing in high technology multilayer backplane applications. We are able to offer large panel sizes with high layer counts and features such as high-aspect ratio plating, small-diameter plated-through holes, and fine lines and spaces. Our applications engineers will help you sort through design and manufacturing issues such as board size, layer counts, trace routing, material selection, and power distribution. Investments at this stage ensure predictable, repeatable manufacturability with reduced costs. We offer this in conjunction with Amphenol Corporation's complete breadth of interconnect products, giving our customers a one-stop solution.

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