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Rigid, Flexible and Rigid-Flex - Rigid-Flex circuit interconnects featuring Blind and Buried Via’s, Micro-Via’s, Bookbinder and other cutting edge technologies.

Printed Circuit Boards & Daughtercards - Fabrication capabilities include a wide variety of materials to enable increasing signal speeds, deep microvias, buried, blind and backdrilled vias, sequential lamination, panel sizes from 18" x 24" up to 24" x 54", layer counts to 60+ and board thicknesses up to .500".

LRM - Designed to meet the high-density needs of today’s integrated electronic modules, this Straddle Mount connector usings the Amphenol Bristle Brush Contact which has been proven in military avionics packages and meets the requirements of MIL-C-55302. The low mating force, extended service life and stable electrical performance of he B3+ contact allows this product to provide the high level of performance demanded by today’s Line Replaceable Module (LRM) applications.

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Ruggedized VME 64X - Ruggedized replacement for standard VME connectors. Improved reliablity and performance to meet the environmental requirements for avionics packaging.

VITA 46/48 Compliant - High Density, modular, 6 + Gbps, high vibration performance, ESD shielded, VME connectors meeting the specifcations for VITA 46 and 48 in 3U and 6U configurations. The wafers and mating contacts (with four points of interface), enhanced power, RF, and fiber optic modules comprise a few of the modular components which can be used in a variety of combinations in COTS and mission critical environments. Developed using proven mechanical and signal integrity technology with unmatched performance in the industry.

NAFI/UHD - Medium to high-density interconnects with fork and blade contacts - module card connectors with flex termination and solderless press-fit backplane connectors for attachment to printed circuit boards. EMI shielding, coax, fiber optic, board to board, staggered grid pattern, and power contacts available.

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