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Amphenol Backplane System Products

Amphenol Backplane Systems, a leading manufacturer, offers an array of interconnect products and backplane assemblies. Using state-of-the-art technology and an impeccable quality system, we at Amphenol have confidence in all of our products and offerings.

Our products are required to perform in the most demanding environments. Whatever your needs, Amphenol is the choice for system-level packaging solutions. We lead the industry by offering the elements necessary for success in the military and aerospace OEM supply chain: design and modeling, applications engineering, fabrication, value-added assembly, and testing. Coupled with the largest interconnect offering on the market, Amphenol supports all of your system-level needs.

In support of the continued need for leading-edge technology coupled with low cost manufacturing, we have established a qualified, low-cost, DoD Manufacturing Licensing Agreement (MLA) approved work center at our Amphenol Nogales, Mexico campus. This site is a duplication of our Nashua, New Hampshire manufacturing capability and will meet the needs of programs looking for a low cost option while still desiring our industry leading capabilities. ABS MIL-Spec. qualifications include MIL-C-28859 (for components) and MIL-A-28870 (for assembled backplanes).

From Avionics to Ground and Naval Systems, Amphenol Backplane Systems products can be found aboard commercial airliners, helicopters, Navy and Air Force fighters, C41 electronics, missiles, ground vehicles, Homeland Security Systems, and Navy warships around the world.


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