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Amphenol Conformal Coating Capabilities

Conformal Coating - Conformal coating provides protection from hostile environmental conditions (see IPC-CC-830). The three we focus on are:

  • Type UR - Urethane Resin - Captive Conveyor Process for example SPC Controlled Processes tests temperature, humidity, viscosity, thickness, and bubble density.
  • Type XY -Parylene
  • Type AR - Acrylic Resin

Industry Specifications are as follows:

  • IPC-CC-830 – Material
  • IPC-A-610A, Class 3

Select Conformal Coating System - PVA2000 Conformal Coating System provides fully programmable selective coating. It has an intuitive interface for intricate geometry requirements with 3-axis control. It has 3-head flexibility for coating, bonding, and masking applications. The maximum board capacity is 24" x 48". The system is fully capable for traditional heat-curable and newer UV-curable coatings.

Fully integrated UV oven benefits include:

  • Increased application accuracy which reduces die cut masking requirements
  • Increased throughput and repeatability for example, lot-to-lot and order-to order.

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