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Amphenol High Density Interconnects

When you're looking for high performance interconnects, ABS is capable of supplying multiple connector types integrated into a rigid or rigid-flex backplane system. ABS solutions include a wide range of connector technology to include: new Viper connectors, 0.100" X .100" NAFI fork and blade, 0.100" X 0.100" Bristle Brush, 0.100" X 0.050" Ultra High Density (UHD) fork and blade, LRM with MIL-C-55302 type bristle brush, GEN-X with MIL-C-55302 type bristle brush, ruggedized VME-64X, filtered and non-filtered MIL-C-38999, filtered and non-filtered ARINC, as well as other manufacturer's interconnect products used throughout the industry. In fact, there isn't a connector on the marketing which we haven't integrated into a backplane.

Teamed with the US Navy as co-developer of solderless press-fit contact technology and the leading manufacturer of backplane systems, ABS understand the relationship between the connector and backplane. We use this knowledge to provide complete backplane systems that meet your program needs. Our interconnects meet the increasing signal and power demands of advanced military and aerospace applications. Amphenol also offers electro-optical backplane interconnect systems for advanced avionics systems requiring high speed optical/digital signal processing. Available in SEM-E or customer form factors, these systems integrate your total electrical and optical interconnect needs into one discreet package.

  • Viper Interconnect
    • The Viper connector is a powerful new backplane and daughtercard interconnect platform providing 63 differential signals per linear inch at 6.4 Gbps data rates. The VIPER connector has been ruggedized for Avionic Ground and Naval applications.
  • UHD Interconnect
    • Amphenol's Ultra High Density (UHD) interconnect is a high-reliability packaging solution for airborne, space, shipboard, and ground-based applications. UHD is presently used in all of these environments and meets the requirements of EIA IS-753, DESC 89065, and IEEE 1101.1 to 1101.9
  • UHD Coax Interconnect
    • Amphenol's coaxial contact system simplifies the termination of RF signals at the board-to-backplane interface. The 'blind-mate' style contacts are easily incorporated into Amphenol's UHD interconnection system. Molded insulator housings can be arranged to accomodate both an eight-row array of high-density signal contacts as well as these specialized RF terminations.
  • NAFI Interconnect
    • Amphenol's initial product offering for military and aerspace applications was the SEM 40-pin, NAFI-style interconnect, which we co-developed with the US Navy in the late 1960's. NAFI is an acronym for Naval Avionics Faciility - Indianapolis. Together we helped develop the form-factor for interconnecting modules and daughterboards through a central backplane. NAFI connectors offer design flexibility, adaptable in two, three, four, and five rows of contacts.

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