b2ap3_thumbnail_TIM-Meeting-Blog-Image.jpgI just got back from Amphenol’s Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) in Nashua, New Hampshire, and man, am I pumped!  Meeting with the technical leaders of Amphenol divisions around the world was awesome, as so many new and innovative interconnect products and technologies are emerging.  We have the opportunity to capitalize on these innovations in our own unique way, accelerating Amphenol’s growth and technical interconnect leadership. 

Talk about a crazy, geeky, excited group of engineers and technologists…We were so fired up about what we had to share and learn about at this TIM, that we opted to extend our meeting late into the evening, and start earlier in the morning so we could see and discuss as many topics as possible.  

One of the highlights of the TIM was a tour of Amphenol’s Teradyne Connection System’s plant in Nashua.  It was phenomenal to see their design, analysis, assembly and validation capabilities, especially their automated connector assembly, as well as their cutting-edge signal integrity and EMI test capabilities, and in-house X-ray CT scan and SEM equipment. 

To expand our minds even further, we visited the MIT Museum, where the curator guided us through select exhibits, providing insight into the creative process.  They showed us how the integration of art, music, science and technology resulted in devices that have shaped the world we live in, which is continually morphing with each innovation and shattering the paradigms that existed only moments before. 

After that, we headed over to the F1 Boston track to test our racing skills, and finally closed the meeting with a dinner and discussions at the beautiful Long Wharf in downtown Boston.  We are all energized and working on new ways to collaborate real time, igniting exponential growth for Amphenol through innovation at a collective, multi-divisional level.  We can’t wait to share the results with our customers in the very near future.