b2ap3_thumbnail_Blogpost-Image-7.jpgNow, instead of spacing the people out, or putting quiet pairs of people between the pairs of people that like to talk, we can break the table up with booth walls that shield portions of the tables from each other.  This minimizes the crosstalk between adjacent pairs of people while taking up a minimum of space in either shielding or isolating them from one another.  With this arrangement, one can achieve a high density of communicators (or electrical signals) at a single table with minimal crosstalk.

Excellent examples of this are Amphenol’s GigaStak LRM and the Dualok extreme vibration proof circular connector full of differential twinax contacts, such as Amphenol’s new Oval Contact.  These are considered fixed-format connectors/contacts, where signals are only put through specific or fixed contacts, and the connector has been optimized with shielding structures to maximize data through-put and signal density.


Stay tuned for Part 6.