So back to the table model, when you want to talk to someone at the far end of the table, you might have to shout for them to hear you. This is due to two things:

The sound waves spread outward as they are emitted out of your mouth, so only a small amount of the acoustic energy falls on the ears of the recipient. The rest of the energy becomes potential crosstalk to others at the table. This is like an unshielded set of conductors in a connector/cable, where electromagnetic energy is lost from the transmission line.

The air molecules bouncing against each other absorb some of that acoustic energy as it travels through space, losing some energy along the path. Electromagnetic waves interact with the molecules of the dielectric material, converting some of that energy into heat rather than making it to their intended destiny down the transmission line. This absorption of the electromagnetic energy is sensitive to frequency depending on the dielectric material composition.


Stay tuned for our next technical series that will add a little light to interconnect technology. We hope you enjoy reading these posts, whether you Sparky or not. Thanks for reading.