b2ap3_thumbnail_lubricants-metal-working-16309-2495981.jpgWe have been designing and building connectors at Amphenol Aerospace for over 85 years. We’ve seen and built it all…everything from huge circular Class L connectors for military power generators to space station connectors to tiny rectangular connectors for ruggedized communications systems. There’s no industry trend in connectors that we either haven’t developed ourselves or participated in. 

What’s great about that is the incredible machining capabilities that develop over time when we touch such a wide spectrum of products. We’ve amassed a substantial arsenal of high-tech, high-precision machines to build the connectors. It only makes sense that we combine our engineering expertise, with over 100 combined years of experience, with our vast machining capabilities, and take our products to the next level. Why not just incorporate our connector design knowledge into a higher level assembly? That’s exactly what we’ve done. 

Our engineering team designs, not only the custom board level connectors, but the assembly that it resides in, whether it be a heatsink, interface plate or even an enclosure. It’s a logical step for our manufacturing team to then build that higher level assembly with our array of equipment. We see value in that for our teams as they improve upon their skill sets as designers and manufacturers. We also see great value in this for our customers. They can consolidate suppliers by having the connector and its next level assembly designed and built together, thereby avoiding any potential issues with mounting and mateability, and can have the assurance that Amphenol is at the forefront of interconnect design and innovation.

I encourage you to take a look at our custom metal machining capabilities here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNLqDQ6P5pI