b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1775.JPGIn terms of air warfare, the United States of America claims air superiority over every other nation on earth. This claim is further strengthened by Lockheed Martin’s latest multi-role jet fighter, the F-35 Lightning II. The F-35 is the United States second 5th generation fighter jet. 

As a major sub-tier supplier to the F35 program, Amphenol Aerospace employees and local dignitaries welcomed Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Director of Business Development, Eric Van Camp and the F-35 Flight Demonstrator to their new manufacturing facility located in Sidney, NY September 23rd-25th. Many employees and local officials had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Van Camp as well as fly the F-35 Demonstrator.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1795.JPGAmphenol Aerospace supports the F-35 program with a new 270,000 square foot manufacturing facility, state of the art machinery and test equipment, and our most valued asset: a highly skilled direct and indirect work force. This facility designs, manufactures and tests over 200 interconnect products that are used in the F-35, and is considered a Key Supplier for the program.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1777.JPGFrom heat sinks, face plates and interface plates to more standard circular connector fare,
Amphenol Aerospace supplies products unavailable anywhere else in the world, and are critical to the design of a number of systems on the platform, including the Electro Optical Targeting System, the Integrated Core Processor, the Electronic Warfare System, and others.

 Amphenol – and the entire town of Sidney, NY – is proud to support Lockheed Martin on the JSF, a warplane that will form the cornerstone of the United States’ Air force and Navy arsenal.