b2ap3_thumbnail_frankenstein1.jpgAmphenol filter connector customers have relied on our products as a primary means of defense against EMI emissions and susceptibility threats for decades. These customers have traditionally been happy with lumped element Insertion Loss data up to 100 MHz. As data frequencies have broken the 100 MHz barrier and are well into the GHz region, the world of 3D EM modeling has become necessary for predicting system performance.

As a means of predicting RF and microwave EMI design performance, more customers are beginning to ask for high frequency filter data that extends into the GHz region. This has forced Amphenol Aerospace Operations engineers to evaluate legacy test methods and step up to the challenge of increasing measurement accuracy for development, low volume production and high volume production. New distributed element test fixtures have been developed that are allowing Amphenol engineers to take Insertion Loss data up to 10 GHz. 

For customers who are using 3D EM modeling tools such as CST Studio Suite, standard Vector Network Analyzer generated touchstone files are available to feed distributed element models that are predicting EMI performance. For customers who are using 3D EM field solvers for predicting EMI, using actual data from a real production representative component is always preferred to discrete component model results. Whatever the technical challenge is, Amphenol Engineers are ready to step up to the challenge and assist customers with any challenge that presents itself.