6U VPX Ethernet Switch

ethernet switch

Amphenol Aerospace has developed a new 6U VPX Ethernet Switch -- the second in a series of ruggedized Ethernet Switches that provide an unmatched level of flexibility to meet any system requirement. The 48-port 6U VPX-managed Ethernet Switch is configurable for system connectivity, speeds, port types, and interoperation with various high-speed media converters and connectors for system interfacing. The new 6U VPX switch is a form, fit, and function replacement to the GXB-460.


The configurability to meet system requirements is achieved through superior product design. For starters, each port is capable of 10G Ethernet -- some ports can either be configured as 10G-Base-T (also supporting 100-Base-T and 1G-Base-T) or 10G-Base-KR (also supporting 1000-Base-X and SGMII). The switching throughput is up to 480 Gbps when using all 48 ports on the switch. In addition, the switch is non-blocking and low-latency for high-throughput architectures and applications. While the backplane is providing the highest densities of port count, the front-panel connections operate with various copper/fiber media converters and high-speed system connectors. Finally, the management software provides a command line interface, SNMP, and other web-based options for configuring the switch. It is capable of a full complement of virtualization, quality of service, security, tunneling, precision time protocol, and other capabilities.