Concentric Twinax Contacts

concentric-twinax-sz8 gold-swpAmphenol Concentric Twinax Shielded Contacts offer high performance shielding capabilities for protection from magnetic and electrostatic interference including nuclear electromagnetic pulse. The contact is crimp terminable to twisted shielded cable and is fully scoop-proof (recessed pins) in MIL-DTL-38999 connectors. The concentric twinax contact is engineered to maintain shielded integrity through a multi-pin cylindrical connector and does not require contact polarization within the insert. Size 8 concentric twinax contacts were developed for use in MIL-STD-1553B Airborne multiplex data bus application. Ideal for this application, is the high performance Tri-Start connector with its fully scoop-proof feature of recessed pins. The concentric twinax contact is crimp terminable to twisted shielded cable. Amphenol Twinax Contacts - designed for use with twinax cable in Data Bus systems. Twinax contacts provide the following benefits:

Concentric Twinax offer several advantages for high data transfer rates, low power consumption and excellent EMI compatibility. Amphenol Size 8 Concentric Twinax Contacts terminate to a variety of cables CLICK HERE.
 Amphenol Size 10 and 12 Concentric Twinax Contacts CLICK HERE