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Filter and Hermetic Interconnects

filter 2 week EMI/EMP Filter Protection Connectors: Amphenol Aerospace provides a wide range of filtering solutions. You can select your options for your particular interference threats- VHF, UHF, MF1, HF or other filter ranges, then couple with a connector package of your choice. We carry adapters, filter plugs, Diode, MOV, ESA (Energy Shunting Assembly), ESD, High Speed and more.
hermetic-26482-w-coax Hermetic/Epoxy Sealed Connectors: Amphenol Aerospace glass sealed hermetic connectors are available in a wide variety of MIL-Spec and custom configurations. Amphenol's line of epoxy sealed connectors are a light-weight alternative to glass sealed hermetic connectors for use in avionics and other weight-sensitive applications where a high level of sealing is required.

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Ruggedized VME64x

Amphenol Aerospace developed the Ruggedized VME64x in response to the military trend towards VME64x and the utilization of COTS VME64Xphoto-on-whiteBoards and Chassis. Many different companies manufacture “Ruggedized VME cards”, but they still use the standard VME COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) connector interface. In a harsh military environment the COTS VME connector interface can fail, negating the ruggedization of the cards.


The Amphenol Ruggedized VME64x interconnect has a more rugged interface than standard connectors for improved vibration durability.
It meets the needs for a harsh environment connector requiring Level 2 maintenance. Military and commercial aviation, military vehicles and GPS systems are examples of markets that need the ruggedized VME64x connector solution from Amphenol. The Amphenol Ruggedized VME64x connector mounts to standard VME64x cards and backplanes, but it does not mate to other types of VME commercial connectors.

Metal shells - mount directly to the standard VME card mounting holes, providing support and protection to the inserts in the module and additional stiffness to the backplane


The metal shells create a faraday cage around the contacts, preventing ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) into the contacts (module only)
Robust contact system 3 module inserts in one unified shell; each can have different interconnect combinations:
• P1, P2 and 2mm electrical P0
• P1 and P2 combination
• P1, P2 and fiber optic MT ferrules in the P0 position
Inserts are designed to customer specifications
Thru-hole solder tail or solderless termination is available on the backplane connector.


Ruggedized VME64x Adapter with Brush Contacts
“Cocooning” of COTS components has been successful in military applications. Amphenol supplies an adapter interconnect system for “cocooning” of COTS VME64x daughtercards.
The ruggedized VME64x adapter system provides the durable brush contact as the primary interface, and integrates the three connectors into a singular metal shell, providing passive ESD protection to the module connector. The back of the module connector mates to standard COTS VME64x daughtercards, isolating them from harsh environments.

6/18 Filter Proven Source


Amphenol is the
Proven Source

Composite Filter Connectors

The Amphenol® CFTV Series demonstrates unsurpassed technical leadership. With the addition of EMI/EMP protection devices, weight savings of a composite connector this high performance general duty threaded connector is designed to withstand the pressures of severe environment applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Intermateable with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors
  • Utilizing QPL approved shells
  • Lightweight Composite Shell – 17%-70% weight savings over metal
  • Corrosion Resistant – 2000 hour salt spray for composite, class J or M
  • Improved Moisture Resistance – prevents electrolytic erosion of contacts
  • Contact Protection – 100% scoop proof
  • Quick Mating – completely mates in a 360° turn of the coupling nut
  • Lock Wiring Eliminated – incorporates anti-decoupling device

For more information about composite filter connectors, please contact; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 607-800-678-0141

Check out our EMI check sheet online:

Amphenol Composite Filter Connector

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