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Ruggedized VME64x, VITA 60, VITA 66 Interconnects

VME64Xphoto-on-whiteAmphenol Aerospace developed the Ruggedized VME64x in response to the military trend towards VME64x and the utilization of COTS Boards and Chassis. The Amphenol Ruggedized VME64x interconnect has a more rugged interface than standard connectors for improved vibration durability. It meets the needs for a harsh environment connector requiring Level 2 maintenance. Military and commercial aviation, military vehicles and GPS systems are examples of markets that need the ruggedized VME64x connector solution from Amphenol. The Amphenol Ruggedized VME64x connector mounts to standard VME64x cards and backplanes, but it does not mate to other types of VME commercial connectors.

MRC Multi-Media Ruggedized Connectors

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Specifically Made for all your 10Gb, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0/3.0 Needs

Amphenol Aerospace now offers a connector series that can be used for all of your multi-media needs. This series is capable of running Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0/USB 3.0, HDMI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet when specified and designated to a specific configuration. MRC is a micro-miniature connector ideal for Commercial, Industrial and Military Communication Systems.
mrc hdmi assembly
The MRC flange mounting plugs are supplied with rigid contacts that are flat to the front surface of the connector.  This feature allows it to be used in applications such as ruggedized displays, radios, and routers that have potential to come in contact with dirt and sand during use. The MRC can be easily cleaned by simply wiping off debris whereas standard pin and socket style connectors tend to be more difficult to remove debris once it has been compacted in the contacts.

The MRC cable assemblies feature connectors with Spring loaded contacts and two coupling MRC-9pin-ethernetcablestyles (Push/Pull and Push w/ ¼ turn lock). Both of these coupling styles mate with the standard flange mounting plug. Cable assemblies are available in various lengths and can either be supplied as double ended with MRC connectors on both ends or with standard COTS RJ45, USB, HDMI connections on one end. Additional cable materials and connector configuration are available; please consult our product team with your requirements.  

High Speed Protocol Guide



highd 2 The HD38999 family of connectors has 30% more contact density than the highest density Mil Spec D38999 connectors of its size. This series of connectors was designed to utilize mil specified D38999 components with the exception of the contacts and inserts arrangement. Utilizing existing mil-qualified AS39029 size 23 contacts and D38999 insert materials, these connectors are essentially a drop-in replacement for the standard D38999 connector.

HD38999 Connectors available styles:

  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sealed (IP67)
  • Filtered

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 HD3899 Data Sheet


The new (Rugged) R-SATA style connector can be used as the primary internal storage interconnect for desk-top and mobile PCs, connecting the system to peripherals such as hard drives, solid state drives, optical drives, and removable magnetic media drives.




  • Rugged Micro-Hyperboloid contacts
  • 7 pin SATA & Combo 22 pin R-SATA contact arrangements (two differential pairs, 3 ground)
  • Low insertion/extraction force
  • 20K mating cycles
  • Resistant to shock, vibration & fretting corrosion
  • Supports SATA 3.0 protocol (6.25 Gb/s) & beyond
  • Foot print compatible with 3M SATA connectors

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 R-Sata Data Sheet

RoHS Compliant Platings


Durmalon-Plating-1 Commercial, industrial & military markets are rapidly moving away from hazardous materials such as Cadmium (Cd) & Hexavalent Chrome (Cr6+). Amphenol is offering alternative finishes that comply with customer requirements and are more environmentally friendly.


Amphenol Aerospace has performed extensive testing on numerous alternative platings with the most consistent performer being Durmalon. For specific applications please contact Amphenol Aerospace.

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 Durmalon Data Sheet

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