b2ap3_thumbnail_New-Plant-Blog.jpgWhen working for a company that’s been in the same 675,000 square foot facility for close to 85 years, you’d think we wouldn’t need to expand on something so large.  When you have two major floods within five years of one another that resulted in four feet of water throughout the entire facility, suddenly an addition to the Amphenol Aerospace location doesn’t sound like a bad idea. 

After two-plus years of planning and construction, our brand new 270,000 square foot facility has opened its offices. May 27th marked the first day in the new facility for our Marketing, Engineering, Finance and Customer Services groups for Amphenol Aerospace, Amphenol Commercial Air, and Amphenol Industrial Operations. As the year progresses, we will move many of the manufacturing capabilities into this new facility as well.

The design and construction of a new factory was a dream come true for our Operations department. It’s not often that they get to have an active role in how they’d like to design a facility from scratch. They took full advantage of the opportunity. A tremendous amount of time and effort has been put into the manufacturing floor layout to maximize workflow and have our products move through the factory in the most efficient and environmentally conscious way possible.

As we now begin to settle into our new expanded facility and await the machines to fill up the factory floor, we look forward to the next 85 years of offering the best and most diverse interconnect products and technologies in the Military and Aerospace industries.