b2ap3_thumbnail_iStock_000004531282_Large-footprint-sand_Small.jpgToday’s military/aerospace environment is one of increasingly smaller and more complex electronic equipment. Critical to the success of these new systems is an interconnect solution that can keep pace with the growing signal count and shrinking form factors. This realization is what drove the development of Amphenol’s HD38999 connector series.

Achieving a 30% increase in contact density over the standard 38999 insert arrangements, Amphenol’s High Density connectors can support from 9 signals in our size 9 arrangement, all the way up to 187 signals in a size 25. These denser arrangements allow for our customers to use a third fewer connectors while achieving the same signal count, thus reducing their overall connector footprint – which is especially useful when terminating the connector directly to a circuit board. Another exciting capability of our HD connectors is the ability to transmit high speed (Gigabit Ethernet) data with a size 9 pattern. Never before has high speed data transmission been so convenient and affordable!

Just as important as the added functionality of these connectors is their reliability. All of Amphenol’s HD connectors are designed to use existing mil-specified 38999 components; from the shells to the insert materials, these connectors are manufactured using the same time-tested, high-performance materials used in our existing 38999 line. Making use of existing mil-qualified 39029 contacts, Amphenol has subjected these products to the intense testing required by the U.S. military, and has qualified this series to all of the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999.

Fully expecting our customers to recognize the value of this design in their direct-to-circuit board applications, Amphenol has designed a number of special shells perfectly suited for this use. Referred to as “double-flanged” shells, our TVP40 and TV47 styles allow for a direct shell-to-PCB connector mounting, which effectively eliminates the strain on the contact’s solder joints, ensuring a secure and rugged connection you can trust in even the highest-vibration applications.

For more information about Amphenol’s HD38999 connectors, including filtered, hermetic, and other customized variations, please contact Amphenol Aerospace directly.