News Amphenol Aerospace Launches AP-93 Plating, a 1,000 Hour Alt-to-Cad
February 28, 2020
Amphenol Aerospace Launches AP-93 Plating, a 1,000 Hour Alt-to-Cad

Amphenol Aerospace announces a new, durable REACH/RoHS compliant plating for aluminum connectors, called AP-93, which outperforms Cadmium and exceeds 1000 hour salt spray requirements. AP-93 is available under the Amphenol D38999 Series III service class designator “DS”.  It is a conductive finish which meets or exceeds the D38999 Cadmium requirements making it an excellent choice for harsh environments.

Military, commercial, and industrial markets continue to move away from Cadmium due to known toxic carcinogens.  The new AP-93 plating finish complies with all customer requirements tied to these specifications. Amphenol is also using European Union Directive 2002/95/EC RoHS as a guide to qualification for all military, commercial, and industrial specifications requiring the reduction or elimination of these restricted materials.

AP-93 is intermateable with Cadmium, making it a drop-in replacement for applications where Cadmium has been a preferred choice. Applications include numerous components of land, sea, air, and weapons systems, as well as space systems, as it provides sacrificial corrosion protection and excellent lubricity for threaded applications.

AP-93 exceeds Olive-Drab Cadmium plating (Class W) by meeting 1000 hours of dynamic salt spray, 500 mating cycles, and meets the millivolt drop shell-to-shell conductivity of nickel (Class F). AP-93 also meets a 200°C temperature rating, is compatible with other platings, and is available on all D38999-style Series III connectors. For specific applications please contact Amphenol Aerospace.

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News Amphenol Aerospace Opens Largest Solar Farm Project in New York State
February 01, 2020
Amphenol Aerospace Opens Largest Solar Farm Project in New York State

Amphenol Aerospace completed a multi-million-dollar solar farm at our former facility’s site, which is now the largest solar farm project in New York State.  The installation covers nearly 23 acres and utilizes over 18,000 solar modules to produce an estimated 7,540 MWh of power per year. In addition, Amphenol’s parts were used in as many of the electrical components as possible, including the inverters that convert the solar DC electricity to AC currents. Power generated by the solar farm will provide the grid with the energy equivalent of 800 homes annually, promoting the stability of the region’s electrical supply and, in turn, Amphenol’s manufacturing operations.

Catastrophic flooding in 2006 and 2011 disrupted our business, upended the lives of our employees and many of their families and neighbors and resulted in tens of millions of dollars in damages to Amphenol Aerospace’s manufacturing facilities in Sidney, New York. Following the flooding, Amphenol sought a long-term solution to reduce the risk of flooding at the site. While many companies would have established manufacturing operations elsewhere, Amphenol’s long-standing relationship with the community and knowledge that closing the facility would damage the local economy pushed us to find a solution that would allow us to stay. Working closely with local, state and federal governments, Amphenol designed and built a new 307,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility down the road and up the hill from our former site and in the process retained all of the more than 1,000 jobs in Sidney.

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News Amphenol Aerospace Opens New Manufacturing and Design Facility in Arizona
December 20, 2019
Amphenol Aerospace Opens New Manufacturing and Design Facility in Arizona

Amphenol Aerospace recently opened their newest manufacturing and design facility in Mesa, AZ.  The new 50,000 sq. ft. facility expands the operational capacity and provides a center of excellence for Amphenol Aerospace in the Western U.S.  The facility will provide capabilities for the Filter and High Speed Business units, along with advanced contact automation to support all business units. This location will also serve as a technical hub for automation to support both the Mesa and Nogales, MX facilities.  

Ryan Fisher, General Manager of Amphenol Aerospace said, “During uncertain times and faced with challenges to global supply chains, proximity and mitigation are increasingly important to our customers.  Mesa presents us with an incredible opportunity to partner with a dynamic local workforce, bring our capabilities closer to our west coast customers, and add domestic qualifications to mitigate against future risks.  This project once again shows the entrepreneurial and long-term vision that Amphenol promotes, making us the clear choice regardless of the environment.  I’m so proud of the whole team for making it happen.

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