FLO Push-Pull Connector Series

Product FLO Push-Pull Connector Series Product FLO Push-Pull Connector Series


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Amphenol is pleased to present FLO, a new product line of metal push-pull connector series intermateable with Fischer, Lemo, and ODU. FLO series offers a quick and easy mating for a precise and reliable connection for signal, data, and power transmission both in indoor or outdoor environments. Overmolded, adaptors or any customized requirement is possible and welcome.

Features & Benefits:

  • Intermateable With Specific Series Of Fischer, Lemo, ODU
  • Easy Auto-latching Plug, Fast & Secure
  • Reliable Connection For Power / Data / Signal Transmission
  • Metal Shell For 360° EMI Shielding
  • Flexibility & Capability Of Customization (Double Ended, Overmolded 180˚ / 90˚)
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