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The NG-TRx is a high-performance board-mount optical transceiver designed for demanding NAVAIR/NAVSEA harsh-environment applications. This transceiver is engineered to handle data rates of up to 10Gbps at 1300nm across four channels. The NG-TRx integrates the interface attributes found in NGCON and ARINC 801 while incorporating proven opto-electrical transceiver components.

The NG-TRx allows for the insertion of a standard NGCON termini or ARINC 801 using commonly available insertion and removal tools. This ensures a rugged and reliable fiber interface, providing a secure connection that guarantees fault-free operation in the harshest environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Four optical channels:
    • Each can be configured as either a fiber optic transmitter or receiver
    • Each can support 850nm multi-mode, 1310nm single-mode,
      or 1300 multi-mode
  • Protocol agnostic - can support encoded or pathological data
  • Supports data rates from 25 Mbps to 10.3125 Gbps
  • MIL-PRF-62466 or ARINC 801 for MIL-PRF-29504/18
    industry-standard fiber termini interface
  • Onboard monitor for status and diagnostics (I2C)
  • Operating temperature range: -40 °F (-40°C) to 185 °F (85 °C)
  • Transmit enable pin for any and all transmitters
  • LOS pin for any and all receivers
  • Fault pin – for various errors
NG-TRx Board Mount Transceiver
A high-performance ruggedized board mount transceiver, that is specifically developed for NAVAIR/ NAVSEA harsh environment applications capable of supporting up to 10Gbps data rates across four channels.
MTC-HD – High Density MT Ferrules with 6 Insert Arrangements
Next-generation fiber optic circular connector with high-density MT ferrules.
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