D38999 Series I LJT Breakaway Connectors

Product D38999 Series I LJT Breakaway Product D38999 Series I LJT Breakaway


Amphenol LJT Breakaway Fail-Safe Connectors provide unequaled performance in environments requiring instant disengagement. Designed to provide quick disconnect of a connector plug and receptacle with an axial pull on the lanyard, the “Breakaway” Fail-Safe connector family offers a wide range of electrical and mechanical features.

Features & Benefits:

  • Instant decoupling and damage free separation
  • Completely intermateable with standard LJT receptacles
  • Solid metal-to-metal coupling
  • EMI grounding fingers
  • Conductive finishes
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38999+ Catalog
Infinite Options Beyond the Mil-Spec Limits for Military, Aerospace, and Harsh Environments.
38999 Catalog
Contains information on 38999 Series I, II, and III, as well as SJT, Aquacon, and Accessories.
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