Digital Command Center Ethernet Switch Series

Product Digital Command Center Ethernet Switch Series Product Digital Command Center Ethernet Switch Series


Amphenol’s family of Rugged Digital Command Center Ethernet Switch Boxes provides an unmatched level of flexibility to meet any system requirement. The base model switch box is a 32-channel 10Gbps standalone Ethernet Switch box that is configurable for system connectivity, speeds, port types, and interoperation with various high-speed media converters and connectors for system interfacing. In addition, each switch is non-blocking and low-latency for high-throughput architectures and applications. In Amphenol’s state-of-the-art Spirent communications testing center, the switch box is tested aggressively at line rates to RFC 2889 for switching and RFC 2544 for L2/L3 performance, latency, packet forwarding, and other key items at full line rate and PRBS 231.

The Pro Light comprises of 12 channels of 10GBASE-T (supporting 1GBASE-T and 100BASE-T), and four channels of 10GBASE-SR, capable of a throughput of up to 160Gbps.

Need more channels? Check out the Pro Performance model that can support 24 channels of 10GBASE-T (supporting 1GBASE-T and 100BASE-T), and eight channels of 10GBASE-SR.

Everyone needs to go faster eventually! Check out the Pro 25G version which has eight channels of 10GBASE-T and 24 channels of 25GBASE-SR utilizing state of the art fiber optic transceivers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Copper Ethernet compliance to IEEE 802.3an
  • Fiber Ethernet compliant to IEEE 802.3 Clause 49
  • Non-blocking L2/L3 switch
  • Dual core ARM processor with flash, SPI, EEPROMs, and DDR3 and management Ethernet connection
  • Uboot and Linux OS for L2/L3 switching
  • Web browser, SSH, CLI, telnet
  • Embedded reset and status CPLD
  • Support for PTP boundary clock
  • Service micro-controller for power down, reset, and restart in overheat event
  • 28VDC mil-spec power supply with EMI filter
  • ETI, Circuit breaker, power supply status LEDs
  • Power connector, debug connector, maintenance/ status connector – MIL-STD-38999
  • MIL spec black painted chassis with cold plate and external conduction cooling
  • MIL spec circuit breaker



Digital Command Center Ethernet Switch Series
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