USMC begins testing Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle prototypes

General Dynamics ARV Prototype

General Dynamics Land Systems’ ARV prototype, which is currently being evaluated for the Marine Corps’ ARV program. A prototype submitted by Textron is also under evaluation. [PHOTO: General Dynamics Land Systems] 


The Marine Corps has begun evaluating prototypes for its Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) program, which is intended to replace the General Dynamics Land Systems LAV-25 light armored vehicle that’s been in service with the USMC since the 1980s. 


The USMC is assessing prototypes submitted by General Dynamics Land Systems and Textron Systems. Evaluations began in early January and are expected to continue until the third quarter of 2023.  


Among the focal points the Marine Corps will be testing include the prototypes’ command, control, communications, computer and unmanned aerial system (C4/UAS) capabilities — which are a major emphasis of the program — as well as how the prototypes navigate challenging terrain.  


If it’s decided to take the program into production, the ARV’s production costs are expected to range between $1.8 billion and $6.8 billion, with the LAV-25 expected to be phased out and retired by the 2030s.  


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