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Product HCP (High Current Pin) Contacts Product HCP (High Current Pin) Contacts


David Salt
Product Manager
+1 (607) 563-5161


Amphenol is now offering high current pins that can be ordered with any Amphenol connector. Using high conductivity alloys and precision machining, Amphenol has developed a high current pin to reduce power loss in your application. Push the current carrying capability past the limits of a Mil-Spec contact, or simply improve the efficiency of your system while reducing the heat dissipated into your platform.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully interchangable with M39029 pins
  • Available in any Amphenol connector series
  • 10%-20% improved ampacity
Heat Rise Testing Data

HCP Contact Data Sheet
High Current Pins to get your connections closer to uncut wire than ever before
Power Guide
Power Guide
Video Amphenol Temper Grip Contacts
Amphenol Temper Grip Contacts
Temper-Grip socket contact series is a high-current technology designed for use in high temperature applications, and available with most Amphenol connectors.
Matrix 38999
A hybrid of the High Power Matrix 5015 series and D38999 military connector, Amphenol's High Power Matrix 38999 connector uses mil-spec qualified inserts from the Matrix 5015 and combines them with the mechanical interface of the D38999 to bring you the best of both worlds.
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