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PCB Tail contacts are best for applications that have limited space and connectors that are attached to printed circuit boards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Three tail lengths (.15 inches, .25inches, .35 inches)
  • Gold plated or Pre-tinned
Standard Diameters of PCB Tails

Connector series Size 16 Contact Size 20 Contact Size 22D Contact
MIL-DTL-38999 0.62 & #177; .001 0.19 & #177; .001  0.19 & #177; .001
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Gold Plating vs Pre-tinned:
The standard PCB tails for MIL-DTL 38999 receptacles have gold plating (.00005 inches over nickel). Amphenol can substitute a pre-tinned version to facilitate the termination process. This pre-tinning is a 60/40 lead-tin alloy.

PCB Tail Diameter:
The outside diameter of the PCB tail is determined by the inside diameter of the plated through-hole on the board or flex print.

Measuring PCB Tail Length:
The tail length of the PCB is the portion of the contact that extends beyond the rear of the shell. When computing the desired tail length, it's important to take into consideration the following: - The connector series and shell style. - The mounting style of the receptacle. This can affect the opposite side of the board or the flex. - The space required to adequately clean flux from between the board or flex and the rear of the connector shell. Connectors that are mounted flush against the board may trap soldering flux which could lead to corrosion of the solder joints.

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