Ram-Lock Connectors

Ram-Lock is Amphenol’s latest ruggedized push-pull positive locking interface designed for harsh environment applications.

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Quick Disconnect Connectors without Surprises

Ram-Lock can be applied to various styles of connectors.


Ram-Lock is a new mechanical interface technology for the military and aerospace markets that can be used across a variety of Amphenol product lines.


For example, we used Ram-Lock technology in a single pole power connector featuring Temper-Grip sockets and High Conductivity pins. A positive locking mechanism prevents the Ram-Lock interface from accidentally unmating during use, while Temper-Grip socket contacts and other high-temperature components allow Ram-Lock to withstand fierce temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius (500 degrees Fahrenheit).


High current pins are present to reduce power loss, and the connector also brings EMI protection and full environmental sealing to your desired application. Ram-Lock is a key option available with the push-pull family of products, and several shell styles and contact termination styles are available


Ram-Lock with Temper Grip2M Ram-Lock


What is Push/Pull?

Push/pull connectors are circular connectors that prioritize quick connection and disconnection. Amphenol push/pull connectors provide audible and tactile feedback, a system that provides immediate feedback when the connector is mated. An audible and sensory click immediately indicates when the two connector halves are securely fastened, providing an important piece of feedback and assurance under high-pressure circumstances.


Positive locking interface

Several Amphenol push/pull product lines are available with Ram-Lock, an interface that prevents accidental unmating by pairing through the engagement of a positive locking mechanism. This feature makes push/pull connectors ideal for critical functions where ease of use and fast, secure mating are essential for getting the job done.


Several options are also available with high-voltage interlock (HVIL).

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Amphenol push/pull connectors are reliable and long-lasting, capable of up to 2,000 mating cycles. 

We also offer customization options to meet specific requirements, including disengagement forces, EMI protection, high-speed signals, and more.


Amphenol push/pull connectors are ideal for use with a variety of soldier-worn and uniform-integrated equipment systems and will fit conveniently around a soldier’s MOLLE rucksack and tactical assault panel. This includes:


  • Armed Forces Gear


  • U.S. Army’s NETT Warrior system


  • Portable USB hubs


  • Heads-up displays (HUDs)


  • Night vision goggles 


  • Battery-powered management systems


  • Connecting and powering radios, headsets, computers, and other body-worn communications equipment


Land, air and sea applications

Amphenol push/pull connectors are quintessential for a multitude of land, sea and air application, such as:


  • Charging and connectivity functions for manned and unmanned ground vehicles 


  • Charging, downloading data from, and general operation of small UAVs (SUAV) and micro air vehicles (MAV), and robotics


Optical and visual targeting equipment

Amphenol push/pull connectors are a fundamental component for powering night vision optics, smart scopes, laser devices, portable targeting equipment, and more