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The UbiSwitch is a compact embeddable ethernet switch module that houses 8 x 1GBASE-T ports and 3 10G MAC ports, designed for challenging environments.

UbiSwitch is a modular board and must be mated with a baseboard to provide a power supply and connector breakout. This allows UbiSwitch to form the heart of any flexible ethernet system through a custom baseboard design.

UbiSwitch can be used immediately with the BotBlox UbiConn board, which provides a plug-and-play ethernet switch solution with 8 x 1Gbps PHY ports and 3 x 10Gbps SFP+ ports.

When used with UbiConn, UbiSwitch does not require any configuration or software to function. When used with a custom
baseboard that uses different ethernet hardware on the 10G MAC ports (eg, 10GBASE-T copper PHYs), UbiSwitch requires
modification to its firmware to run correctly.

BotBlox can provide this via a static firmware configuration, or it can be configured dynamically over serial using BotBlox’s upcoming Switch Management software.

Features & Benefits:

• 3 x 10GBASE-R/XGMII ethernet ports (universal 10Gbps media connectivity)
• 8 x 10/100/1000BASE-T ethernet ports
• Input voltage range from 5V to 60V
• 42mm x 42mm board size
• Samtec EDGE RATE® rugged modular connector for interconnection to
• Less than 5 Watts maximum power draw

• Automatic MDI-X crossover and polarity correction on the 8 10/100/1000BASE-T ports
• Auto-negotiation on all ports with connected devices to achieve maximum speed
• Onboard STM32 microcontroller for static firmware configuration
• Onboard STM32 microcontroller for dynamic serial configuration
• Three onboard solder jumpers for static (in-the-field) firmware configuration
• Plug and play functionality (no configuration necessary) when used with BotBlox
UbiConn (or a functional equivalent to BotBlox UbiConn)

UbiSwitch Product Datasheet
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