The Evolution of R-VPX

Learn more about R-VPX Evolution 2.0 - the worlds fastest VITA 46.30 connectors

The changes in technology where R-VPX connectors are used have rapidly increased in recent years, specifically driving demand for higher data rates from copper contact based connectors, which have typically resided in the 10 & 16 Gbps speed realm. The fastest connector in the market to date is performing to 25 Gbps, but the market demands even faster speeds. This is where Amphenol’s new EVO2 R-VPX connector is designed to dominate; as the first and only 32 Gbps+ VITA 46.30 connector available.

R-VPX EVO2 Speed

32 Gbps data transfer speed achieved with EVO2 (Eye diagram at 32 Gbps below)

R-VPX EVO2 Design and Construction

Amphenol Corporation is uniquely integrated to be able to provide collaborative design results, which R-VPX EVO2 development required. The expertise for this project was the same team that developed R-VPX and R-VPX EVO1, a blend of Amphenol design teams from AAO in Sidney, NY and Amphenol TCS in Nashua, NH. This team designed R-VPX EVO2 by borrowing proven characteristics from our R-VPX and R-VPX EVO1 series connectors, using high performance dielectric PCB material, reducing the surface area of the contacts in both connectors, and tirelessly tuning and testing the trace geometries for signal integrity to match impedance goals. The latter changes also reduce crosstalk between pairs. The addition of the organizer reduced the impedance in the gap at the mounting interface between the backplane connector and the backplane PCB. These changes enable the speed performance improvement in this new connector series while meeting all of the requirements of the VITA 46.30 specification and maintaining all backwards intermateability. The new design resulted in three noticeable visual differences for end users:

  1. The R-VPX EVO2 compliant eye size on the module (daughter card) connection region is smaller as compared to R-VPX connectors. (See Figure 1)

  2. The R-VPX EVO2 compliant eye is smaller on the backplane connector compared to both R-VPX and R-VPX EVO1 connectors. (See Figure 2)

  3. The R-VPX EVO2 backplane connector adds an organizer to the compliant PCB tail connection region. (This organizer remains on the interface and poses no additional steps to the customer during the installation of the connector. (See Figure 2)


Figure 1 - Daughtercards Figure 2 - Backplanes

The VITA Ecosystem

R-VPX EVO2 is a VITA 46 compliant connector system. The R-VPX EVO2 connectors, like previous R-VPX and R-VPX EVO1 versions, are fully intermateable with the aforementioned connectors. (as well as RT2, RT2-R, & RT3 from TE) Intermountability is described below:

R-VPX Backplane          
R-VPX EVO1 Backplane          
R-VPX EVO2 Backplane            
R-VPX Module            
R-VPX EVO1 Module          
R-VPX EVO2 Module          

Amphenol has mechanically tested RT3 to ensure intermatability/intermountability with R-VPX EVO2 DC/BP and R-VPX EVO1 DC and RT2-R for intermatability/intermountability with R-VPX DC/BP.

EVO2 Connector Verification 

Amphenol Aerospace’s R-VPX EVO2 connector passed connector qualification per the VITA 46 and Telecordia GR-1217-CORE test specifications. Testing was conducted by a combination of Contech Research of Rumford, RI and by Amphenol TCS test lab in Nashua, NH. Amphenol Aerospace R-VPX EVO2 and TE’s RT3 connectors were intermated through relevant tests in both the VITA 46 and Telecordia GR-1217-CORE testing. Tests performed included, but were not limited to the list below. Test reports can be provided upon request.

  • LLCR
  • Durability
  • Temp Life
  • Mechanical Shock  
  • Thermal Aging
  • Mate/Unmate
  • Dust
  • Random Vibration


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Amphenol R-VPX connectors intermateable/intermountable with TE RT2 and RT3 connectors?

Yes, and they have the same footprint

Are the Amphenol R-VPX part numbers called out in the VITA 46.0, 46.30 Specs?

Yes – Amphenol part numbers are called out in the Spec appendix tables.

Have Amphenol R-VPX connectors been qualified to VITA 47 spec test requirements?


Where can I get a copy of the VPX standards?

They are available for purchase from VITA.

What is the operating temperature range for R-VPX connectors?

-55 to 105C

Are Amphenol R-VPX connectors ruggedized?

Yes – R-VPX connectors utilize a 4pt contact system per contact.

Does Amphenol have R-VPX guide hardware?

Yes – available for order via our catalog.

Can I download prints and models online?

Yes- models and prints are available for download via the R-VPX configurator at

Are there Amphenol R-VPX RTM connectors?

Yes- RTM connector part numbers are available out of the R-VPX connectors.

Can Amphenol R-VPX connector have custom configurations with Differential, Single Ended and Power wafer combinations?

Yes, Amphenol can set up part numbers for custom configurations.

Is Amphenol an active VITA member?


Is Amphenol an active SOSA member?


Are R-VPX Evo 2 connectors backward intermateable with existing R-VPX/VITA 46 connectors?


What kind of tools are required for assembly/removal?

No special tooling is required for assembly and tools for removal can be found in our catalog.

Can you utilize Amphenol R-VPX connectors in 3U and 6U formats?

Yes – Amphenol connectors are modular and are designed to meet 3U and 6U formats.

Are R-VPX connectors available with ROHS termination finishes?


Are Amphenol R-VPX connectors available through distribution?

Yes Amphenol RVPX connectors are available through franchised distributors.

Can Amphenol R-VPX connector be utilized in combination with VITA 66 and VITA 67 Connectors?

Yes Amphenol R-VPX connectors are available in half width (PO/JO) and Full width (P1-P6/J0-J6) connectors.

Does Amphenol have VITA 66 connectors?

Yes Amphenol VITA 66.1 and 66.4 connectors are available standard out of the catalog as well as double density configurations.

Do any other Amphenol divisions feature VITA Connectors?

Yes, a number of our sister divisions have everything from VITA connectors to cable assembles.


Amphenol Aerospace’s R-VPX EVO2 connectors are the fastest VITA 46.30 connectors in the world, achieving data rates in excess of 32 Gbps while meeting the specification requirements. R-VPX EVO2 connectors will enable the embedded market to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of today’s protocols including 25G Ethernet (100GBASE-KR4) and PCIE Gen 5 (32G).