Series Five FAQ's

Answering All Your Burning Questions About Our Latest Connector Series

Is Series Five a mil-spec product?

No, Amphenol’s Series Five product line is a custom interconnect series. However, wherever possible it uses mil-qualified components, for example, all Series Five connectors utilize M39029 contact part numbers.


Will Series Five ever be a mil-spec product?

Amphenol Aerospace has consistently proven itself to be a supporter of open standards, having provided the IP necessary for the U.S. government and others to specify many connector series, including 2M. If there is sufficient demand for an open standard for Series Five, Amphenol will support its creation.


How is Series Five different from 2M?

Series Five connectors are larger than 2M801 connectors but smaller than 2M805 connectors – size in this case determined by the ratio of contact count to the largest coupling nut diameter. However, Series Five connectors meet every applicable electrical and environmental performance requirement of 38999 (unlike 2M, which is rated to lower temperature, vibration, and other requirements). A full comparison chart for performance will be made available on our web page soon, but in short Series Five is a denser circular connector than 2M that also performs better – a win/win!


Does Series Five really perform to D38999? Are test reports available?

Yes! Our full test summary (tested fully to MIL-DTL-38999 requirements) is available on the Series Five web page!


What Series Five sizes are available?

Right now, we’ve launched sizes 8, 10, 12, and 14 (analogous to sizes 9-15 of D38999 Series III) with all insert arrangements. We’ll release the larger sizes (16-24) before the end of the 2022. This will come with another announcement and an updated catalog, etc.


Can you come to [my place of business] to talk to my [colleagues / employees / children] about this cool new product series?

Yes! Now making appointments for any time either in person or digitally for lunch and learns or other meetings. Email us at


Can I get Series Five drawings and models?

Yes! Every currently-available Series Five connector has a sales drawing and model available for download right from our Configurator page! That’s right, the configurator is already compatible with all Series Five parts!



Can I get Series Five samples?

You sure can! We’ve been hard at work getting thousands of connectors on the shelf at Newark, Mouser, and Digi-Key. This inventory will be available between 15-April and 15-May, 2022 and will be linked directly from the product page as soon as it is in stock.