2-Bay MT38999 with MT Ferrules to Examax Connector

Product 2-Bay MT38999 with MT Ferrules to Examax Connector Product 2-Bay MT38999 with MT Ferrules to Examax Connector


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This Amphenol connector will take your high-speed needs to a new level. We have taken two existing high-speed technologies and combined them into one media converter. Now you can transfer high-speed data seamlessly from copper to fiber and fiber to copper.

The following products utilize the proven technology of the MT38999 multi-channel circular connectors with MT ferrules and the high-bandwidth Centaur connector to create a media converter that is capable of two channels of 100GBASE-KR4 to 10GBASE-SR4 or eight channels of 1G, 10G, or 25G Ethernet fiber to copper conversion.

Part Number: CF-020400-62X


CF-5EZ613-02P - Normal Keying, Mates with J1 Connector

CF-5EZ613-02G - “A” Keying, Mates with J2 Connector

Features & Benefits:


  • Converts eight channels of 1G/10G/25GBASE-SR to 1G/10G/25GBASE-KR or two channels of 40G/100GBASE-SR4 to 40G/100GBASE-KR4.
  • Perfect for routing multiple fiber optic Ethernet connections into systems
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3an Ethernet Standards and Specifications
  • Media conversion at the connector reduces system complexity and cost
  • Amphenol epoxy staking protects delicate fiber components for environment and assembly process
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating temperature
  • Full support for KR and KR4 link training and auto-negotiation.


  • 12V on copper Examax connector


  • D38999 style connectors with various keyings and rotations available
  • Shell size 13 38999 with high-speed 12F MT ferrules
  • Examax header with 4 differential pairs and 6 columns
  • Samtec latching shroud for mechanical retention and alignment
  • Interfaces for power, diagnostics, and others
  • No need for internal subsystem fiber harnesses, interconnect, or transceivers
2-Bay MT38999 with MT Ferrules to Examax Connector
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