Custom Designs and Accessories

Product 38999 Bulkhead Feedthroughs
38999 Bulkhead Feedthroughs
Double-ended receptacles with feedthrough contacts that mate to standard Mil-Spec D38999 plugs.
Product 38999 Integral Accessories
38999 Integral Accessories
Includes features that eliminate the need for additional accessories.
Product Backshells, Strain Reliefs, Caps, Dummy Receptacles
Backshells, Strain Reliefs, Caps, Dummy Receptacles
Complete line of accessories for all Mil-Spec connectors
Product 38999 Connector Savers
38999 Connector Savers
Protect connectors subjected to repeated mating cycles and prevent costly repairs associated with the replacement of connectors and cables.
Product Alternate to Cadmium Platings
Alternate to Cadmium Platings
RoHS compliant, hexavalent chromium-free, alternate-to-cadmium plating options for Mil-Spec type connectors