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100 Gb/s High-Speed Optical Pluggable Module

HIGH PERFORMANCE UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS, the Amphenol AOP 28Gbps extended temperature "Quad Embedded Pluggable Transceiver” is designed for highly challenging applications where both reliability and performance are critical.

  • Capable of speeds up to 28Gbps at distances up to 70m for the full extended temperature range.
  • Aggregate 100Gbps over 4 channels on an efficient footprint.
  • Optically and electrically pluggable.
  • Operating Case Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Upgradable to QEPT 200G PAM4 using the same foot print.


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  • Want to learn how install the QEPT in less than 1 minute? Videos for more

Features & Benefits:


  • Optically pluggable
  • Mezzanine-type connection
  • Screw-locking feature for board mounting
  • Two wire control and diagnostic interface
  • Data rate transparent from 1.25Gbps to 28.05Gbps
  • Flat-top design
  • Integrated CDR
  • Programmable Equalization
  • Programmable output amplitude and emphasis


  • Replaceable patchcord
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Interchangeable solution
  • Mechanical shock and vibration resistant
  • Allows for transceiver optimization and monitoring  connection discovery, channel diagnostics, and signal status  monitoring
  • Supports standard and non-standard protocols in this range of data rates (10GbE, 25GbE, 8G/16G/32G Fiber Channel…)
  • Enables use of heat-sink for better thermal performance
  • Water cooled compatible
  • Lower power consumption and latency
  • CDR can be bypassed to support lower or non-standard data rates
  • Capable to compensate more than 14dB insertion loss @ 14GHz
  • Compensate for PCB traces loss for proper signal conditioning
QEPT 100G NRZ - 2-pager
QEPT 100G NRZ - 2-pager
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