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Amphenol Class L 22992 high-power, heavy duty electrical connectors are designed for high-current electrical loads and are the largest cylindrical Amphenol power connectors available. These ruggedized connectors are available only in the specific configurations prescribed by MIL-DTL-22992 standards for either military or industrial class applications. This rigid configuration control assures correct interconnection of electrical circuits for maximum safety and reliability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy electrical loads: current range from 40 to 200 amperes
  • Direct current or single/three phase, 60/400 Hertz alternating current
  • Automatic grounding for safety
  • Meets MIL-DTL-22992 qualifications
  • Resistance to the operating environments of heat, moisture, vibration, high impact and immersion - see chart in "Technical Information”
  • Double stub coupling threads for faster connections; no cross threading, easy cleaning
  • Left hand accessory threads to minimize cable twisting, wire breakage, accidental connector disassembly
  • Gaskets or O-rings at appropriate surfaces for perfect weather tight connections
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Design Features


  • Greatest Capacity - Current ranges 40 to 200 amps, conductor sizes 6 to 4/0.
  • Safety - Complete protection of personnel and equipment if connectors are inadvertently disconnected under load.
  • Foolproof Mating - Design incorporates voltage, current, frequency, phase and grounding requirements
  • Standardization - MIL-DTL-22992 Class L insert arrangements specify connector/cable combinations for maximum reliability.
  • Serviceable Contacts - Contacts are normally crimped to the cable before connector assembly. No insertion tools required. Bushings are available to adapt smaller diameter wires to larger contacts.
  • Arc Quenching Design - Recessed socket contacts within the insert create an arc suppressing chamber which protects the user when connectors are separated under load.
  • Programmed Coupling Sequence - Grounding and neutral contacts engage before power contacts.
  • Waterproof Design - A unique combination of grommets and seals provides waterproofing in any condition - mated or unmated, capped or uncapped.
  • Rugged Construction - Machined from high strength aluminum. Straight-line attachment of accessories eliminates the possibility of cable twisting or misalignment.
  • Accessories - Supplied with all Class L connectors as indicated on the individual connector descriptions. Replacement accessories may be ordered separately. 
Class L Data Sheet
Class L Catalog Section
Heavy Duty Class L connectors are highly suitable for industrial or military applications.
Class L Insert Arrangements
Available insert arrangements for heavy duty Class L connectors.
Power Guide
Power Guide
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QWLD Series heavy duty electrical connectors provide reliable power and control functions in hostile environments where ordinary connectors cannot survive.
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