VITA 66.1 and 66.4

Product VITA 66.1 and 66.4 Product VITA 66.1 and 66.4


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Amphenol’s VITA 66 family of products are ruggedized blind-mate optical MT Module/Backplane connector systems designed to meet the VITA 66.1 and 66.4 open architecture specifications. These products can be utilized in VPX systems as defined per VITA 46 or as standalone blind-mate optical connector solutions. Amphenol’s connector systems provide reliable high-speed connections for the most extreme commercial and military environments.

VPX Applications

  • VPX Single board computers
  • Embedded Computing
  • Phased Array Radars
  • Single Processing Computer
  • Command Center Communications
  • Military and Commercial

Features & Benefits:

  • VITA 66.1,66.4 spec compliant
  • Spring-loaded floating MT ferrules
  • Multiple alignment guide features
  • No special tooling required for assembly      
  • Supports industry standard MT ferrules- up to 24 fiber optic channels per MT
Board Level and Rectangular Interconnects Catalog
Board Level and Rectangular products includes LRM, Ruggedized VME 64x/VITA 60, 66, High Density HDB3 & HSB3, Low Mating Force, Rack & Panel Brush, LMD/LMS and more.
VITA 66.X 2D Drawings
2D drawings for VITA 66.1, 66.2 and 66.4
R-VPX VITA 46 Connector System
R-VPX is a ruggedized, high-speed, board-to-board interconnect system capable of data rates in excess of 10 Gbps, meeting and exceeding VITA 46 standards.
R-VPX Evolution
Capable of 16+ Gbps data rate transfer and meets VITA 46 & 47 performance requirements.
R-VPX Evolution 2.0 VITA 46.30 connectors
Qualified to data rates in excess of 25Gb/s making these connectors the fastest VITA 46.30 connectors in the world.
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