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Jared Sibrava
Business Unit Director
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Rugged SOM is an ultra-compact embedded computer module for managed switch functionality and multicast in harsh environments. We designed Rugged SOM to provide sophisticated networking in a form factor optimized for size, weight and power (SWaP) limited applications.

This brings a new level of network management in a tiny form factor, enabling next generation airborne, robotic and imaging applications to achieve new functionalities.

Rugged SoM stacks onto the back of SwitchBlox Rugged through its RMII ethernet interface to provide full management and multicast capabilities in an ultra-compact, rugged form factor.

Rugged SOM runs a custom distro of embedded Linux and can be accessed via the onboard UART serial port, RS485/422
serial port or USB port in device mode.

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Rugged SOM Product Datasheet
Rugged SOM - Ultra-Compact Embedded Computer Module
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