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VITA 78 connectors, also known as SpaceVPX are specifically designed for use in space-based electronic systems. Amphenol’s VITA 78 SpaceVPX connectors leverage OpenVPX architecture and technology and are designed and tested for extreme space environments, including exposure to radiation, extreme temperatures and vibration. SpaceVPX connectors utilize specific wafer loads per the VITA 78 spec to achieve dual redundancy to meet fault tolerance requirements for space systems. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Outgassing- third-party testing – meets NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) outgassing requirements.
  • Vibration- 4-point backplane contact system for extreme vibration applications.
  • Passed VITA 72 vibration level testing with BER monitoring.
  • Compliant (press-fit) Pin Technology- tested with various PCB platings to verify performance and reliability.
  • Current Capacity – power wafers and wafer configurations to support VITA 78 Space utility management modules.
  • Extreme Temperature- tested to a temp range of -67 °F (-55 °C) to 221 °F (105 °C)
  • Passed VITA 72 vibration level testing with BER monitoring.


SpaceVPX VITA 78 Datasheet
SpaceVPX VITA 78 Datasheet
Outgassing Test Report
RVPX VITA 72 vibration test
Evaluation of R-VPX product to VITA 72 vibration levels
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