Media Converters

High-Speed Media Converters

Offered in many configurations for any rugged application, our high-speed, ruggedized media converters are built for every technological gap: enabling protocol conversions, copper-to-fiber, data concentration, and more. 

Amphenol Military High Speed offers a wide range of media converters that feature integrated connectors for converting, adjusting, concentrating, or rerouting anything a customer needs. Many use a common D38999 Series III interface.  

Product Agnostic
Conversion products that work across a variety of protocols.
Product Ethernet
Conversion products that are centric to Ethernet.
Product Video
Conversion products that are centric to video protocols such as DVI, SDI, HDMI, and other formats.
Product Analog-to-Digital, Extenders, and Data Concentrators
Analog-to-Digital, Extenders, and Data Concentrators
Conversion products that concentrate data, extend signal and/or simplify system cabling and architectures as well as convert A/D

Types of Media Converters


  • Agnostic Converters: Our Agnostic Media Converters are defined by their interoperability throughout various systems. They include copper-to-fiber media converters and fiber-to-copper converters that work across a variety of protocols, either single-mode or multimode converters, at speeds up to 10 Gbps.


  • Ethernet Converters: Our Ethernet Media Converters include standalone, embedded, or 3U VPX/6U VPX and work with many protocols ‒ 1GBase-T, 10GBase-T, Fiber XAUI, 10GBase-SR, and others. Our options include fiber-to-ethernet media converters, ethernet-to-fiber media converters, and more.


  • Video Converters: Our Video Media Converters handle copper-to-fiber or fiber-to-copper digital video interface (DVI) and serial digital interface (SDI) conversion. They include standalone and embedded options with single or multi-channel conversion capabilities, or splitters to distribute single channels through multiple outlets.
  • Analog-to-Digital Converters: Our Analog to analog-to-digital converters are offered in multiple channel options and are capable of up to 160 MSPS with 12, 14, and 16-bit analog input for high-speed integration of analog information into critical digital systems.


  • Data Concentrators: Our RS-422 Data Concentrator and Extender boasts a 13-32VDC power interface and can manage data through 6X bi-directional RS-422 channels. It can concentrate data onto a distinctive 850nm multi-mode fiber optics at 1Gbps with a ruggedized structure for added durability and is capable of linking two units for a cohesive extension of interfaces.


  • RF over Fiber Converters: RF over Fiber (RFoF) converters transmit radio frequency (RF) signals over optical fiber cables. They are designed to convert RF signals into optical signals and then transmit them over long distances using optical fiber. At the receiving end, the optical signals are converted back into RF signals. Amphenol can offer RF over Fiber Converters upon request.


What is a Media Converter?


media converter

A media converter is a device that connects different types of communication protocols from one system to another. AMHS considers them as “gap” converters because they fill in whatever gap the customer has in their technology. That may mean decreasing weight by converting copper to fiber. It may mean making two displays with different video protocols to be able to communicate. It may also mean allowing for remote desktop locations still within a connected Ethernet network. 


In many military and aerospace applications, these devices convert between copper and fiber optics. They play a crucial role in ensuring communication and data transmission within systems operating in harsh environments. Media converters are essential for optimizing data transmission reliability and enhancing data security, making them a vital component for mission-critical operations in military and aerospace applications, including:


Military Aircraft


military aircraft system

Amphenol Military High Speed's ruggedized media converters are essential components in military aircraft that help ensure secure, uninterrupted communication in avionic systems. They play a critical role in applications such as connecting copper-based sensor networks to fiber optic backbones for high-speed data transmission, translating analog feeds from radar into digital formats for processing and analysis, and facilitating interoperability between mission-critical equipment operating on different communication protocols.


Amphenol Media Converters optimize data flow and extend network connectivity, making them vital for reliable communication and data transfer within military aircraft systems.


Naval Surface Ships


naval surface ships

Ruggedized media converters are crucial in naval surface ships due to their role in maintaining fluid and secure data exchange among various onboard systems. Media converters are essential for applications in maritime environments, enabling the integration of legacy copper-based sensors with advanced fiber optic networks for rapid data transmission. They are also integral to converting analog surveillance camera footage into digital formats for real-time analysis and enhance the overall interoperability of critical systems utilizing different communication protocols.


With the capacity to boost data transmission efficiency and expand network connectivity across small and large naval vessels, Amphenol ruggedized media converters are designed to ensure reliable communication and data transfer essential for mission-critical operations at sea.





Ruggedized media converters are vital components in military submarines. They help ensure uninterrupted and secure data communication across extremely challenging underwater environments. Utilizing similar technology to AMHS’s Mil-Spec 901 D certified rugged Ethernet switch, the media converters play a pivotal role in connecting various sensors, sonar equipment, and communication systems that rely on different cable types, facilitating the integration of legacy copper-based infrastructure with advanced fiber optic networks. They’re also fundamental for converting analog signals from sonar and sensor devices into digital formats for real-time processing and analysis.


Amphenol Media Converters are optimized for the harsh environment of submarines with capabilities that extend beyond data flow optimization, as they significantly bolster network connectivity. They’re indispensable for reliable communication and data transfer during mission-critical operations under the ocean.


Military Ground Vehicles


military ground vehicles tank

Ruggedized media converters are essential in military ground vehicles, enabling secure data exchange in an array of vehicle systems. These converters bridge the gap between copper-based sensors and fiber optic networks, ensuring fast and reliable data transmission, and play a critical role in converting analog video feeds from surveillance cameras into digital formats.  


The adaptability of Amphenol Media Converters in supporting different communication protocols enhances interoperability across critical systems, all while extending network connectivity. Our media converters are indispensable for maintaining effective communication and data transfer in military ground vehicle systems and supporting mission-critical operations.