Ruggedized Media Converters, Ethernet Switches, Active Contacts, and High Speed/High Density Connectors

Amphenol Aerospace's Integrated Solutions portfolio brings together the most advanced technologies to provide custom products that perfectly match the application’s needs. Our ruggedized media converters work across a variety of protocols and include copper-to-fiber conversion, Ethernet, data concentrators, and Video (DVI, SDI, HDMI, others). Our rugged Ethernet switches series continues to expand with higher speeds and number of channels. We’re also expanding our active contacts line and high-density, high-speed connectors such as the Centaur product line which utilizes the advantages of our extensive legacy of Mil-Spec connectors and the latest in high-speed contact and connector technology.

Product Media Converters
Media Converters
Integrated connectors that convert to fiber optics or between protocols.
Product Ethernet Switches
Ethernet Switches
High and low density standalone and embedded 10G Ethernet switch products.
Product Active Contacts
Active Contacts
Quadraxial contacts with embedded electronics for fiber optic conversion, boosting, transforming, and other functions.
Product High Density
High Density
High density, high speed connectors.
Product Optical Transceivers
Optical Transceivers
Through fiber optic technology, in the form of pulses of light, optical transceivers convert the electrical signal from a switch or router to an optical signal that can be transmitted and received.

Integrated Solutions Products combines our most advanced technologies with our long history of connector design and development in the Military and Aerospace markets to provide custom products that perfectly match future application needs in avionics, C4ISR, space systems, and embedded systems. Our portfolio is constantly expanding.


Media Converters

We have a wide range of Media Converters which are integrated connectors that convert to fiber optics or between protocols. Many use a common D38999 Series III interface. Our Agnostic Media Converters include copper-to-fiber media converters that work across a variety of protocols, either single-mode or multi-mode, at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Our Ethernet Media Converters include stand-alone, embedded, or 3U/6U VPX and work with many protocols -- 1GBase-T, 10GBase-T, Fiber XAUI, 10GBase-SR, and others. Video Media Converters handle both fiber and copper DVI and SDI conversion. 


Ethernet Switches

Our rapidly expanding Ethernet Switches product line come in a number of form factors -- 3U and 6U VPX with up to 144 channels, 32-Channel Ethernet 10G Switches, and Rugged Standalone 120-Channel Ethernet Switchboxes. These can support speeds between 10G and 25 Gbps.


Active Fiber Optic and High Speed Contacts

Active Contacts -- both High Speed and Fiber Optic -- have recently been developed. The Active Fiber Optic Contacts are Quadraxial contacts that have embedded fiber optic transmitting and receiving; speeds up to 4.25 Gbps and 10.3125 Gbps. Active High Speed Contacts are Quadraxial contacts that embed boosting, conditioning, transforming, and other value-add functionality to support USB 3.0 and 1G Ethernet.


High Speed/High Density Connectors

The newest High Speed/High Density Connectors in the Integrated Solutions Product portfolio include the Centaur Series which combines our extensive legacy of Mil-Spec connectors with the latest in high-speed technology, providing both a durable and high-bandwidth system that supports data rates up to 56 Gbps in a lightweight, aluminum D38999 Series III shell; the Centaur PCB Series which is an extension of the Centaur Series, but has a compliant eye press-fit tail option and supports data rates up to 10 Gbps with options of 32 to 40 differential pairs to connect straight to a PC board; and the Leap-AHRD High Speed Optical Module  which, at 300Gb/s, is faster, smaller, more cost and power-efficient than most conventional datacenter interconnects. It requires only one square inch of board space and 5.4W of power. It is capable of speeds up to 25Gbps and distances up to 100 meters.