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R-VPX Ruggedized VITA 46

RVPXAmphenol’s R-VPX is a ruggedized, high-speed, board-to-board interconnect system capable of data rates in excess of 10 Gbps, meeting and exceeding VITA 46 standards. This connector system gives users modularity and flexibility by utilizing PCB wafer construction with customized wafer-loading patterns.

  • Commercial and Military Aerospace
  • Electronic Systems/C4ISR
  • Ground Defense
  • Missile Defense
  • Space

  • Compliant to VITA 46 for Open VPX applications
  • Meets and exceeds VITA 47 and 72 performance requirements
  • Supports Ethernet, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand, and other protocols
  • Modular COTS lightweight connector system
  • Low mating force connector system
  • Pin-Less backplane connector family
  • Supports .8 inch card slot pitches
  • Up to 140 signals per inch
  • Contact current rating1.5 Amps
  • Can be combined with high power modules, RF Modules (VITA 67) and Optical modules (VITA 66)

  • Contacts: High performance copper alloy, available plated with 50 µin Au over 50 µin Ni in mating area (M) or 30 µin Au (C)
  • Housings: High Temperature thermoplastic
  • Operating Temp: -55 to +105C
  • Guide Hardware: Aluminum or passivated stainless steel

New Products and Technologies

micro bayonet connectors 

MGT 5015 - Reverse Bayonet Coupling The MGT line of connectors is an expansion of the GT-5015 series, offering a rugged environment connector in new finishes such as Durmalon and Black Zinc Nickel for military applications.

micro bayonet connectors 

R-VPX Ruggedized VITA 46: Amphenol’s R-VPX is a ruggedized, high-speed board-to-board interconnect system capable of data rates in excess of 10 Gbps, meeting and exceeding VITA 46 standards.

micro bayonet connectors 

Bantam Bayonet: Bantam is a high-performance circular connector product range developed for aerospace applications where electrical performance must be met with affordability

CTF Quad 

Media Conversion Family: Amphenol Aerospace High-Speed Solutions offers copper to fiber and fiber to copper media conversion with our hybrid integrated connectors.

ocs receptacle retouched-rendering  OCS Oval Contact SystemThe OCS (Oval Contact System) is the newest 38999 Interconnect Product Offering that provides many advantages for high-speed data transmission.
Dualok-Mated-Pair-Clip Dualok Interconnect System:  Dualok is an enhanced anti-decoupling mechanism that can be used on virtually any cylindrical plug connector and backshell. 
FlexaBIS 4 FlexaBIS: A flexible busbar system designed to minimize mechanical stress on the connectors and components within a power box. Enhances sealing and reduces space requirements.
Series-III-Connector-with-Split-pair-Quadrax-10 Split-Pair Quadrax Contacts & Cables"Split-Pair" for use with CAT6A Type Cable
2M-805 pair 2M Micro-MiniatureThe 2M Series product line is designed for interconnect applications requiring high performance and reduced size and weight. This smaller, high density, lightweight connector far exceeds the competition in quality and performance levels.
R SATA IO FACE R-SATA ConnectorsThe new (Rugged) R-SATA style connector can be used as the primary internal storage interconnect for desktop and mobile PCs, connecting the system to peripherals such as hard drives, solid-state drives, optical drives, and removable magnetic media drives.
mrc usb assembly MRC Multi-Media Ruggedized ConnectorsAmphenol Aerospace now offers a connector series that can be used for all of your multi-media needs. This series is capable of running Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0/ USB 3.0, HDMI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet when specified and designated to a specific configuration.
 plating Alternate to Cadmium, RoHS-Compliant Platings: Commercial, industrial & military markets are rapidly moving away from restricted materials such as Cadmium (Cd) & Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI)). Both of these restricted materials are toxic and known carcinogens. Amphenol is offering an alternative finish that complies with all customer requirements tied to these specifications. MIL-DTL-38999, Rev L has established new service classes as alternative finishes addressing these requirements for Cadmium replacement.

Integrated Systems

integrated sys From Avionics to Ground and Naval Systems, Amphenol's Integrated Systems solutions are found aboard commercial airliners, helicopters, Navy and Air Force Fighters, C41 electronics, missiles, ground vehicles, Homeland Security Systems, and Navy warships around the world.

Amphenol Integrated Systems tackles problems such as PWB routing, signal integrity, mechanical robustness, and thermal reliability concurrently rather than independently by value-added applications engineering support. Solving complex packaging challenges depends on making sure that environmental, mechanical, and electrical factors are all addressed at the system-level. By taking this system-level perspective and focusing on these factors, Amphenol Integrated Systems is able to meet your program's most challenging packaging requirements. We are an extension of your design team, providing expert design and applications engineering assistance every step of the way to ensure program success. This is a perspective that other connector, board, and backplane assembly suppliers cannot match.


Access familyAmphenol offers a complete collection of backshells, protective caps, and other accessories for all of our D38999 connectors. Custom solutions are available upon request. Consult an Amphenol Representative for more information.

Please visit for more information about backshells and a configurator to build a part number... see Backshell Designer.

Backplane Systems

backplane systemTo go to the Amphenol Backplane web site, click here. 

Amphenol is the leading manufacture of custom backplane assemblies using high - density, ruggedized, board to backplane interconnects. Our Backplane production capabilities include:

  • Press-Fit
  • Rigid and Rigid Flex PWB's
  • Surface Mount Soldering
  • Through-Hole Soldering
  • Hybrid Optical Electric
  • Conformal Coat

Amphenol Backplanes are required to perform in the most demanding environments such as commercial airliners, Army helicopters, Navy and Air Force fighters, C4I electronics, missiles, ground vehicles, and Navy warships. Our Backplanes are used on programs such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-22 Raptor, F-18 Super Hornet, Theater High Altitude Air Defense Radar, AH-64 Apache, RAH-66 Comanche, and AEGIS radars used on U.S. Navy warships.

Amphenol provides printed circuit processing capabilities that are among the world's most advanced, specializing in high technology multilayer backplane applications.

We are able to offer large panel sizes with high layer counts and features such as high-aspect ratio plating, small-diameter plated-through holes, and fine lines and spaces. Our applications engineers will help you sort through design and manufacturing issues such as board size, layer counts, trace routing, material selection, and power distribution. Investments at this stage ensure predictable, repeatable manufacturability with reduced costs. We offer this in conjunction with the Amphenol Corporation's complete breadth of interconnect products, giving our customers a one-stop solution.

Amphenol is capable of supplying multiple connector types integrated into a rigid or rigid-flex backplane system. Amphenol's solutions include a wide range of connector technology to include: 0.100" x 0.100" NAFI fork and blade, 0.100" x 0.100" Bristle brush, 0.100" x 0.050" Ultra High Density (UHD) fork and blade, LRM with MIL-C-55302 type bristle brush, GEN-X with MIL-C-55302 type bristle brush, ruggedized VME-64X, filtered and non-filtered ARINC, as well as other manufacturer's interconnect products used throughout the industry.


  • Micro-Miniature
  • Circular Connectors

    As a worldwide leader and supplier in connector design, Amphenol offers a wide range of circular connectors for military and commercial air applications. We are a QPL’d supplier of the MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-STD-38999, and the MIL-DTL-27599 products.


    We offer a wide range of shell materials, plating finishes, and contact styles to fit the vast market requirements of today’s military and commercial air applications and environments. In addition, we will partner with our customers to find complete system solutions.


    Choose Amphenol for all of your circular connector needs.

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Filter Connectors

    Amphenol provides a wide range of filtering solutions. You can select your options for your particular interference threats - VHF, UHF, MF1, HF or other filter ranges, then couple with a connector package of your choice. Or give Amphe­nol your custom shell design requirements for assistance in designing your unique filter solution.

    EMI Filter connectors are intended for use in temperatures from –55°C to +125°C. Attenuation will change with feed-through current and temperature.

    To assure reliability, connectors may be subjected to an attenuation performance test verifying proper assembly and grounding of the filters. Attenuation data on filter per­formance is stated in reference to a 50 ohm impedance
    system in order to allow filter performance to be more
    eas­ily translated into real world impedances. Those interested in determining the expected filter perfor­mance in an impedance system other than 50 ohms may refer to page 285 of this catalog or may contact Amphenol Aerospace for further assistance.

  • Hermetic/Epoxy Sealed Connectors
  • Fiber Optic
  • High Speed
  • Board Level & Rectangular

    Amphenol has become the leader in interconnection products through its long history of engineering expertise for product solution solving.
    New and innovative solutions are under development every day within our highly skilled engineering departments who are teamed with marketing product managers and production specialists. They are always striving to meet new customer requirements in ever changing markets.


    The teams have a customer-driven approach to produce the end result: quality interconnect products that meet or exceed customer demands.


    The Amphenol® Brush Contact Technology has proven advantages over standard pin & socket contacts and Amphenol has a very broad family of brush contact products which are shown in this catalog.


    The Bristle Brush contact is used in military avionics packages and meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-55302. It provides high density in tight spacing, low mating/inmating forces, proven durability and long contact life. Applications for Amphenol connectors with brush contacts include:

    • Medical equipment
    • IC chip testers
    • Telecommunications
    • Military and Commercial Aviation
    • Military Ground Vehicles
    • GPS systems
  • CTF Media Conversion Family

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